?LEARN A WORD 學個詞 第3403課 facade

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今天我們要學的詞是 facade.

facade 的意思是外墻,表面。 For over two decades, the Trump International Hotel and Tower has been a recognizable NYC landmark with its golden fa?ade and luxury interiors. 二十多年來,特朗普國際酒店和大廈以其金色的外墻和豪華的裝修,一直是紐約市公認的地標。

Burundi's leaders say the country is stable and the streets are bustling with daily life. But behind that facade some residents say that people are living in fear that the upcoming election could be bloody. 布隆迪領導人聲稱國家形勢穩定,人民生活日趨繁榮。但是在那個表象的背后,一些居民表示大家擔憂即將到來的選舉可能會導致流血。
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