?LEARN A WORD 學個詞 第3402課 abruptly

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今天我們要學的詞是 abruptly.

abruptly 的意思是突然地,出乎意外地。 Former Bolivian President Evo Morales requested asylum in Mexico hours after he abruptly resigned from office in the wake of mass protests over last month’s disputed election. 玻利維亞前總統莫拉萊斯在上個月有爭議的選舉引發大規模抗議后突然辭職,幾個小時后他就來到墨西哥尋求庇護。

Temperatures abruptly dropped to freezing catching many New England residents off guard this week when they scrambled to get their house heating systems started and running. 這個星期突然降溫的嚴寒天氣讓新英格蘭地區的許多居民措手不及,急忙啟動了住房供暖系統。
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