?LEARN A WORD 學個詞 第3401課 Distraught

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今天我們要學的詞是 Distraught.

distraught 是形容煩惱不安,抓狂。The air pollution crisis in New Delhi has prompted officials to declare a public health emergency and people distraught over the pollution to consider leaving the city for good. 新德里的空氣污染危機促使官員宣布進入公共衛生緊急狀態,也讓那些對污染狀況不安的人們考慮永久離開這座城市。

The extremist group Islamic State has been growing its presence in Mozambique and reportedly preying on young Muslims who have been distraught because of unemployment and lack of economic opportunities in the country. 極端組織伊斯蘭國在莫桑比克不斷壯大,據報該組織一直在拉攏由于失業和那里缺乏經濟發展機會而陷入困境的年輕穆斯林。
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